Ten20 Presents: Cloudy Spirits

Greetings and welcome to Ten20 Magazine’s Cigar and Spirit Lounge. My name is Michael Thomas, and I will be your liaison on the journey of leisure time. 

As an up-and -coming cigar enthusiast from Baton Rouge, La. I have a passion for cigars and driven to learn more about them. My favorite cigar is the Altar Q made by Leaf because of its mild to bold profile with a hint of an earthy feel. Here the  focus will be on events concerning cigars and spirit.  

Our first pairing consists of the Cameroon Nub by Oliva and the Tullamore D.E.W.  Irish Whiskey. The Cameroon Nub is dark and leathery to the touch. A sweet, cedary profile with an intriguing spice.

The aftertaste is dry and toasty.

Intense pepper through the nose. A medium to full-bodied cigar that is complex, yet smooth. The Tullamore Irish Whiskey is a blend of all three styles of Irish whiskey, giving it a balance of flavor like no other in the category. Grain whiskey gives a sweetness, malt brings the fruitiness and pot-still gives the blend that iconic Irish whiskey spice. Tully is triple distilled making it exceptionally smooth and triple cask matured, giving it a great depth of flavor.

This pairing was surprising because of how smooth the results were. The Nub delivers a blanket feel to my inner circle of enthusiast, and I agree, when it is joined with the Tullamore. A “blanket feel” means that the cigar pairs well with a variety of beverage selections. 

It isn’t harsh on the palate as a stand-alone stick, yet the whiskey complements it by eliminating any after taste. I would definitely recommend this pairing to any one starting to take an interest in social smoking. I feel that this particular pairing would be a great foundation to build and expand on as well.  

Congratulations, we’ve finished our first pairing together. I would like to thank you for visiting Ten20 Magazine, and Ten20 Magazine for trusting me with this segment. I look forward to reading your comments or suggestions in the near future. Look out for next month’s pairing and I will see you then.

I will do a spirit and cigar pairing monthly, and your feedback is welcomed in the comment section. I would love to receive some pairing suggestions of your own, or even your thoughts on the pairing that is being presented.

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