A Word: Having Faith Amidst Change

By: Andrelette Dotson

Thank you heavenly father for another day to find and live life. Thank you for never leaving my side even when I thought you had.

Thank you for your undying love for me, the one that is so undeserving of. Thank you father God. Being paralyzed from a loss, can leave you right back where life stops and you left off. It’s like pushing the replay button, a button which I’ve been pushing for almost if not 4yrs and hoping that when I push play after rewinding it over and over it will land on that track where the life I once knew would be.

But it hasn’t happened.

It keeps putting me on a new track that I know nothing about or what is to be expected. I do know my life has to change.

That’s my struggle and reason I have been looking at my future life through filters of loss, fear and failures from my past. And this is what’s holding me back from truly moving forward. I need to realize that the past is exactly that, the past. This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try and make it where I should forget about the past cause it is pretty much impossible and while in the past it has taught me some valuable lessons. Still it’s hard to push the play button to things that are different. It is why I am stuck in this funk because of it and the particular task that lies ahead or just life itself that I don’t want to tackle that has me paralyzed just by the thought of moving forward alone. All this makes it so much harder to push play. People say to find something small that I can do in order to secure a “win.” I guess the win is taking that step towards living life. I am thankful that God blesses me day after day with new life.

“If you live based on ‘would’s, could’s, and should’s’, you won’t be moving forward in life. Regret is an ugly beast. You can’t go back and change the past, so why bother continuing to live there? If you live in the past, you will fail to see all of the amazing opportunities that are presenting themselves to you. If you dwell on “what was” you will never be able to envision “what could be.” Oftentimes we are our own worst enemies. When we make mistakes, or lose someone sometimes we carry them with us and end up staying chained to them. For me, making choices in life that propel me forward can be difficult. Why? Because change is a hard concept to grasp. Sometimes it can feel way better to relax in a comfort zone than it can to dive into the unknown and swim in waters that I’m not familiar with”. Not Pushing the play button means nothing can’t ever grow in that which is my comfort zone and the only way of moving forward in life is for me to get out of my own head and embrace my fears. Pushing the play button to move forward is a difficult and overwhelming place to be. To cope I find that writing gives a new look and feel on the loss.

A Word on Change

Change is inevitable… 

change will create you 

change is the unknown

coming out a better person 

flexible and open-minded

will make you stronger

Change is inevitable…. 

not all changes lead to pleasant periods of life

do we ever get used to it 

do we ever fully embrace it 

overcoming the tough period

Change is inevitable… 

get so caught up in the fight 

put off actually dealing 

denial is that powerful force 

Change is inevitable… 

positive change can create negative change can create 

no one gets through life alone

Change is inevitable…. 

life as a river  

rapids and that steady flow

cascades and silky smoothness and rugged 

swirls and swells all part of the ride

Change is inevitable…. 

expected and unexpected 

planned and unplanned 

coming without warning

Change is inevitable….

a change in you 

like a roller coaster ride 

that journey of unknown experiences to behold

its floods of emotions

Change is inevitable…. 

embracing what doesn’t feel good 

embracing that which does

grieve love that goes nowhere 

channell love in other direction

Change is inevitable….

there’s only so much to control 

created habits of new

integrated tools to treasure building of resilience

Change is inevitable… 

creating bridges

turning chaos into calm

live life guided by values and vision 

be ready to take first steps 

explore changes impact 

know that it will not remain the same 

changes connected with moving from  

Change is inevitable…

brings love, peace, and comfort 

is turning the pages 

close one chapter and open another 

new beginnings and excitement to life 

new choices for happiness and fulfillment

Change is inevitable… 

re-evaluating life from different perspectives

without there’d be no improving the journey 

is what we rely on

Change is inevitable ….

that one constant thing 

life will change 

cannot be feared 

its the thing that takes us to freedom 

to the place where blossoms grow

booming out of our own souls darkness 

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