The Songbird “gives” a new sound with new single

Robin Barnes showcases new sound with new single “You Give Me”

“Confess that you love me, do anything for me”, The Songbird sings as her new high-energy single “You give me” flows through my headphones.

Songstress Robin Barnes, notable known as “the Songbird of New Orleans”, released her new single this Friday, introducing her new sound.

Robin is a treasure to New Orleans, a local talent born and raised in the 9th ward, completely engulfed in music, with a current residency at New Orleans’ Windsor Court Hotel Polo Club Lounge.

“As a little girl, I was able to be in a culture where everyone was a musician, so, music was always in my life. My whole family is musicians and I’m one of seven,” Robin said.

The only girl out of seven siblings, Robin has been singing since she was 6 years old. “My mom made me join the church choir and I had to sing a solo. And when everybody cried, I knew, I was like, that’s it. I want to be a singer, I want to make people feel something.”

Robin said that her favorite genres to perform are soul and funk, but the beauty about being a New Orleans artist is that “we can do anything and everything”. It is clear that Robin can not be boxed in.

Robin definitely carved out a lane for her sultry voice and exquisite talent. She is one of New Orleans’ biggest ambassadors, even receiving official recognition and being officially dubbed “The Songbird of New Orleans.”

Recognized by national media outlets such as Forbes, Marie Claire, Yahoo! Music, Robin’s debut album, Songbird Sessions, debuted at #5 on the Traditional Jazz Albums Billboard charts and #8 on the Top Current Jazz Albums in 2016.

“Growing up in New Orleans, we have kind of been thrown into this gumbo, so the genres that I love and can perform ranges from jazz, to soul, to funk,” Robin said.

The release of “You Give Me” showcases a shift in Robin’s sound. Robin collaborated with two amazing artists to curate this sound-New Orleans based Afro-Latin jazz percussionist Bill Summers and Cuban percussionist Alexey Martí.

Infusing elements of African and Caribbean beats with her funky jazz soul generates a fresh take on her art. With Robin bringing a strong, dynamic vocal performance from Robin, with the fresh and vibrant instrumentals gives the listener a feeling of listening to the songbird live.

Robin said that “You Give Me’ is meant to be emotional, but upbeat tempo discussing the ‘ebbs and flows’ of both new and longstanding relationships, using her own personal experiences and perspectives with those of others to depict the true meaning of love.

“You Give Me” is now streaming on all major digital music services. You can find Robin’s new single on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon, or YouTube.

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