Producer Louis Futon’s debut album is beautiful concoction of styles and accompanying vocals.

Ever listened to an album and get so caught up in the sound that you feel as though you are in outer body experience?

Well this is the feeling we had listening to Louis Futon’s “Way Back When” album. The trip was a kin to a midday drive to the beach on sunny day in June. A cool summer breeze flits through window perfectly balancing out the golden rays of the sun on your skin.

That almost perfect moment that spans hours where there is no care in the world.

That’s the feeling we experienced on this 45 minute journey from the popular producer known for his amazing remixes to modern and classic hip hop such as his Childish Gambino remix of “3005” where he completely changed the tone and tempo of the hit. This time we got a chance to experience his magic in all its glory sans an already established hit.

His original work did not disappoint as his blend of genres from jazz to pop to hip hop made for a smooth trip through musical paradise. With a baker’s dozen of features this is an instant summer classic , one that can be played from start to finish. Personal favorite would have to be “Royal Blood” featuring Keiynan Lonsdale, “Love, Simon”, who lent his vocals to this track.

The subtle, yet strong brass ensemble played perfect with Lonsdale soft, pure, and clean vocals (honestly listened to this song a dozen times before giving the whole album a listen). Futon has a knack for finding the right instruments to play in contrast to whatever artist lands on the track. The list of featured artists plays to the tune of the likes of Duckwrth, Ashe, and BXRBER.

It is an honest body of work that deserves a good listen from a producer who is famously known for remixes who has proven that he can create songs and experiences from the ground up.

So take a ride, feel the breeze, and jam out to these summer time vibes.

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